600mm CoilTech "Spave-Saver" Servo Coil Feedline (NEW)

600mm CoilTech "Spave-Saver" Servo Coil Feedline (NEW)

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Uncoiler and Coil Car Model: CMCH P4 6T 600 Feeder Straightener Combo Model: CMDSS T8072 600 (7) Roll Straightener - 80mm roll diameter (2) Feed Rolls - 100mm roll diameter Allen Bradley Servo Drive and Control 200mm Crocodile Openable Straightener Rolls Group

Width Capacity: 120-600mm Thickness Capacity: .5 - 2mm Coil ID/OD: 470~520 /1600mm Coil Hold Down Arm Coil Car

Optional Features

▪ Motorized Feeder Height Adjustment

▪ Servo Motor Controlled Lateral Drum Guides

▪ Hydraulic System Die Piloting

▪ Pneumatic Disk Brake

▪ Safety Fence System

▪ Guillotine Shear

▪ Remote Support System

▪ External Encoder

▪ Die Recognizing System


Max coil width600mm (23.6")
Stock Number11368
Max coil thickness2 mm (.078")
Max coil weight5 ton (10,000lbs)