660 ton SEYI 145"x61"

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660 ton SEYI 145"x61"


Stock Number11464
Capacity660 ton
Bed area145.67.05 '' x 61.02''
Stroke length12"
Shut height30" Over Bolster
Slide adjustment (powered)10"
Strokes per minute20-40

Additional Features

Model: SAG660(H)-5
Type of Drive System: Top central drive crank type
Number of Suspension Points: 2 Points
Capacity: 660 Tons
Slide Stroke: 12''
Slide Speed (Continuous): 20-40
Die Height on Top of Bolster: 30'' (Stroke down adjust up)
Die Height Adjustment: 10''
Slide Area: 145.67 '' x 61.02''
Bolster Area: 145.67.05 '' x 61.02''
Bolster Thickness: 9.84’’
Side Window Opening: 51.18’’ x 25.59''
Air Counter Balance Capacity: 15000 lbs (Max. upper die weight); Air Pressure: 100 psi
Main Motor: 125 HP x 4P (Variable speed motor)
Slide Adjust Motor: 7.5 HP x 6P
Automatic Lubrication Motor: 1 HP x 4P
Clutch Break Lub. Cooling: 1 HP x 4P
Power Source Voltage by Customer: 440V x 60 Hz
Floor Space Required (LR x FB): 215.35’’ x 141.73’’
Overall height (Above Floor Level): 274.96’’
Machine Height (Approximate): 140 US Tons

Standard Attachments:
Air Counter Balancers: 2 Sets (Pressure adjust by manual and left front side of press)
Hydraulic Overload protector: 1 Set (Stroke: 20 mm; Pre-Set at 100-100% Press Capacity)
Digital Die Height Indicator: 1 Set (1 scale = 0.1 mm; Manual operation by button)
Programmable limit switch with remote Display: 1 set
Wintriss Smart Pac2
Spare limit switches for customer: 8 sets
Remote display installed at front right side of upright; programmable limit switch installed on main console
Product Counter (6 digits): 1 set
Batch Counter (6 Digits): 1 set
Misfeed Detect Socket: 2 sets
Normal close circuit
Voltage 110 V
Located on front right side of press
Control by each cam switch
Air Tool Outlet (3/8B): 1 Set
Located on front left side of press
Automatic lubrication system: 1 set
Components: Tank, gear pump & motor, filter, level gauge, TRABON ms lubrication divider valve with flow sensor, breather
Lubrication points: crank bearing, con-rod bearing, pinion, main gear counter balancers, slide gib, ball screw, slide adjust worm gear
Control System:
Wintriss Smart Pac 2+WPC with following functions:
ProCAM: 6 channels spare cam
Diepro PAC; 8 channel die monitor
Autoset PAC: 4 channel tonnage monitor
Clock display on the right column
Servo feeder interface
Wiring Color (SEYI Standard)
Power line: black
Control line: AC: Red, DC: blue
Ground line: Green with yellow strip
Clutch & Brake: 1 set
Combination Type: Wet type
Operation System: Pneumatic
Dual Safety Valve for Clutch Brake: 1 Set
Brand: Ross
With E-P Monitor
Lockable emergency button: 6 sets
Located on each upright, portable T-Stand, Main console
Die Light Device: 2 sets
Located at left & right side upright window opening
Lamp: 110 V x 10 W
Safety fence: 1 set
Located on top crown
Ladder: 1 set
Located at left back of press with safety locking plug on top of crown
Portable T-Stand
Quantity: Standard 1 set (plug x 1 pc. And short plug x2 pcs)
Install location: Front right side or back right side of press
Function of button:
Dual run push button
Emergency push button
Top stop button
Reset Button
Continuous arming buttons
Slide Adjustment
Die Stick Release Device: 1 Set
Freeing stuck dies by selector switch on main console
Optional Attachments:
Flywheel Brake
Air actuate brake & Spring release
Main motor FWD REV Switch
Safety Die Block
Block Length: 13.7’’ x diameter 2.99’’
Located on front and back of right side of the press with safety locking
Quantity: 2
Anti-Vibration Mount
Brand: Unisorb
Model: PM201(9)8-M64(300)-TF311
Quantity: 4 Sets
Tonnage Curve & Energy Capacity Curve Available upon request