1600mm CoilTech "Space-Saver" Servo Coil Feedline

1600mm CoilTech "Space-Saver" Servo Coil Feedline

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Uncoiler and Coil Car Model: CMCH PH3 6T 1600 MKPF D1600 YAH

10Ton Max Coil Weight

Hydraulic Expansion

Coil ID/OD: 470~520 / 800~1600

Feeder Straightener Combo Model: CMDSS L6494 1600 (9) Roll Straightener - 63mm roll diameter (2) Feed Rolls - 100mm roll diameter

(2) Pitch Rolls - 100mm diameter Allen Bradley Servo Drive and Control

Servo Roll Adjustment

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic System 150mm Crocodile Openable Straightener Rolls Group

Motorized Feeder Height Adjustment

Hydraulic System Die Piloting

External Encoder

Width Capacity: 120-1600mm Thickness Capacity: .4 - 3.2mm Coil Hold Down Arm Coil Car


Max coil width1600mm (62.99")
ModelCMDSS L6494 1600
Stock Number11474
Max coil thickness1.5mm @ 1600mm / 3.2 mm @ 300mm
Max coil weight22,000lbs